Get your BARRE3 on!

Sooo - here's the deal - Every month I'm going to be reviewing a new kind of workout I try out here in the city. I love exploring new ways to challenge my body and just love trying new things in general, so I'm pretty stoked about taking advantage of the myriad of workout options this city has to offer! To start things off - I thought I'd introduce you to the studio I'm currently working at here in NYC called BARRE3. I work the front desk and am also in the process of becoming an instructor! I have tried MANY kinds of barre classes before (there are a ton of different ones out there) - and this is by FAR my favorite - as well as the most challenging.

Why do I love it? It's an hour long, high intensity mix of yoga, ballet, and pilates (hence the Barre "3" title) that is designed to lift and lengthen the body. Coming from a dance background - I immediately fell in love with it...though you certainly do NOT have to have any sort of dance training coming in.

Barre3 is most definitely a FULL body workout. It is designed to target small stabilizers in the body in addition to toning the larger muscle groups with isolated movements. Working these muscles to the point of fatigue will bring on the famous Barre3 shakes! I always leave feeling empowered as well as having a sense of emotional clarity as Barre3 really infuses the mindfulness of yoga in class - releasing stress and tension from both the mind and body.

People come to Barre3 for all kinds of reasons - not only to just lose weight - though it is a highly effective workout if you're looking to shed a few extra lbs. (and most importantly - lose those INCHES). I have definitely noticed major results in my own body and for our clients that take class several times a week - the results are very apparent.

The studio opened several years ago in Portland originally, and now has many locations throughout the US. The GORGEOUS new studio here opened in August and is located in the West Village. I can personally tell you that the energy and vibe of this studio is warm, engaging, and inspiring. The instructors are all incredibly knowledgeable and explain multiple modifications if you are dealing with any kind of injury or need to take it easy on your body - as well as options to really kick it up a notch. Come check it out - I promise you (and your body) won't regret it!


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